Awaken to the goddess or god within with wellness-based experiences, often hosted in collaboration with other healers.

Ayurveda rituals, plant-based foods, sound healings, cacao and full moon ceremonies, chakra balancing, and kids and teenagers yoga therapy are just some of the fun we’ve had so far.

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Current events



Yin Yang Yoga + Meditation

w Simone
Yoga Spirit Studio, Whanganui

Balance your being with this Sunday morning class designed to harmonise the two dualistic energies within – the masuculine, sun-like yang as well as the feminine, moon-like yin. This 90 minute experience, includes a deeply restful Savasana, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation – a combo sure to build more clarity, wholeness and light within.



New Moon Yinstorative + Yoga Nidra w Sound Healing

w Simone + guests Bethany Coleman + Leaf Pohutukawa
Yoga Spirit Studio, Whanganui

A candlelit restorative Yin Yoga journey makes way for a sacred full moon Yoga Nidra practice that calls on the nourishing water and beauty of the full moon. Healing mantra and soundscapes will be magically weaved throughout. Be guided on a special journey that shines the light on any darkness, penetrating more joy, peace, and purity into your body, mind, and heart.




Mother’s Retreat: Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra

w Simone + Wisdom Is Yours
Wisdom Is Yours, Whanganui

A special collaboration as part of a one-day Mother’s retreat offered by Wisdom Is Yours. Simone opens the retreat by sharing a deeply restorative Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra class – a 75 minute experience designed to nourish and heal the body, mind and soul of every Mother goddess.


Past events



Women’s Healing Yin + Sound Journey (WAITLIST)

w Simone + guests Bethany Coleman + Leaf Pohutukawa
Yoga Spirit Studio, Whanganui

Bask your whole being in this blissful, centering journey back home. A blend of Yin Yoga and sound (Sanskrit + Rainbow chants and mantras) will help release stuck energy and unconscious patterns not serving you, revealing the true light within, infused with clarity, peace and joy.



Summer Outdoor Yoga

w Simone
Mother Nature, Otamatea Reserve, Whanganui

Roll out your mat and join me and community in the bliss of our divine mother nature. AUMMMMMMM. This is a fun, all-levels class that will draw on the natural elements and help you tap into the wholeness, joy, and freedom always present within.



Awaken your Atman with Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing (SOLD OUT)

w Simone + guest Yee Ley from Life Your Life
Yoga Spirit Studio, Whanganui

In this one-off experience, Simone and Yee Ley offer a healing blend of Yoga Nidra and live sound to awaken you to your wholeness. A timely experience to ground and connect to your inner light source, harnessing a greater sense of trust – no matter the external forces at play.




Cacao Ceremony + Heart Yoga (SOLD OUT)

w Simone + guest Radha from Heart Awakening
Yoga Spirit Studio, Whanganui

The evening before the full moon and lunar eclipse is a powerful time connect to the nourishing, loving spirit of cacao surrounded by community and elevated by the healing nature of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Radha and Simone bring together cacao and yoga to map a journey into the sweetness and warmth of the awakened heart.